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Shape the future with Mastercam CAD/CAM in Schools

We provide unparalleled support and service to our users, including a wide variety of CAD/CAM resources in schools for educational use.

Mastercam has been at the forefront of CAD/CAM technology for more than 35 years. We continue to lead the way as the most widely used CAM software in industry and education.

From schools that want to briefly expose students to CAD/CAM, to schools that are preparing students for job in the manufacturing industry, we are committed to making it easy, effective and affordable to use the worldwide market leading software.

It’s so easy to integrate Mastercam into an educational program. Why would you teach with anything else?

CAD/CAM Curriculum

A vast array of curriculum and support materials are available for educators teaching Mastercam, from our own project-based learning modules to courses, textbooks and additional tools from sites like camInstructor, In-House Solutions and Streamingteacher. You are encouraged to contact these companies or Mastercam Reseller for help finding the best curriculum support for your needs.

Mastercam University

Mastercam University provides online, video-based training for computer-aided design and manufacturing. Sharpen your skills on your own schedule with easy-to-use, real-world training applications. Courses are free to all customers, students and potential customers. The courses cover all levels of Mastercam skills from basic to advanced.

Quick Part Series

Our Mastercam project-based learning tutorials are the fastest way to learn and a convenient way to teach-the world’s most widely used CAM. Each project comes with instructor tools, step-by-step instructions, and the accompanying Mastercam part files.

Free Milling Project – Chocolate Mold

Free Router Project – Acoustic Amplifier

Free Lathe Project – Spinning Top

Mastercam Certification

If you are looking to set yourself apart as a skilled Mastercam programmer in the increasingly competitive job market, Mastercam Certification is the answer.


Mastercam is proud to work with TITANS of CNC. This organization provides free educational resources for manufacturing education and inspires people to get involved in the trades. With a free account at TITANS of CNC, you can learn CAD/CAM at any level in a way that is fun and practical for professional development. The development of their Aerospace Academy is a great example of the power of this partnership.


Mastercam sponsor numerous programs and competitions to expland opportunities in education to get students excited about careers in manufacturing. Learn more about the current competitions Mastercam sponsor

Free Student Software for CAD/CAM in Schools

Explore the latest Mastercam and build your skills.

Mastercam Learning Edition is a free version of Mastercam that does everything but post G-code. Anyone can use Learning Edition to get familiar with CAD/CAM software and practice using the latest version of Mastercam in the comfort of home.