Productivity+TM gives you the ability to use a Renishaw measuring probe on a machine tool to update fixture offsets, tooling offsets, program orientation, and report on critical dimensions and tolerances. It also assists in lights-out manufacturing and running a machine tool without an operator.

Productivity+ provides an easy-to-use platform for incorporating simple measurement functionality and more advanced in-process intelligence into machining programs. It can simplify a wide range of measurement and process control tasks, such as component set-up, verification of critical features, and process development.

  • Program and simulate a Renishaw probe for your machine tool.
  • Improve process control and reporting of your machine tool’s performance.
  • Available with Mastercam Mill product.
  • Perform simple measurements and alignments to set up and validate your parts at the machine tool.

Productivity+ is a great solution for any shop that wants more control and information about the manufacturing process.

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